Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Last Blog

My dream is to one day be retired from football and have enough time to be a sports writer. Football is where my heart is at. I love writing about the sporting news from week to week. I started out writing about English class and my points and views in there, but I decided that wasn't for me. It has been interesting watching this years college football season and expressing my views on here. I hope that one day I can express them in a newspaper. I hope that my writing has maybe help tell someone what is going on in sports. From Clemson University this is Landon Walker signing off.

Football Season almost over

The Fall seems to fly by with football season every year. The first kickoff of the season seems to fade very fast into the bowl game. The cold weather really starts to let you know it's coming to an end. As the NFL playoffs approach and the college bowls start, it was a good one to talk about. You can't really explain the happenings of the 'o7 season. It has been one to remember for years to come. Although it's over their is always the promise that next year will be just as exciting.


Any sports fan knows how much pressure a coach is under when they take a Clemson job. Clemson fans expect you to win the games that you have to win no matter what. Clemson fans don't like putting up with a coach who can never get them to the promised land. They want to be returned to the Danny Ford days again. So when selecting a football coaching job, Clemson is always one of the scariest.

Tommy Bowden

Clemson fans don't know really where to stand on Tommy Bowden. He finished this year with nine wins and a peach bowl game. They still expect him to win the big one no matter what. I think that he is under pressure every year and maybe he is getting tired of it. He is scheduled for an interview with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Tommy Bowden's future is in the air. Will he sign a extension with Clemson or finally move on.

Clemson Community

I feel like I fit in great with the Clemson Community. It is a great community that cares a lot about its football. Clemson is one of the most upbeat College towns around. I feel like I am at home when I am in Clemson. The atmosphere is unlike any other, and I will continue to enjoy it for four years.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The lasting effect of Football

You wake up one morning feeling every bone in you legs and joints popping and aching with a tremendous amount of pain. You get up out of bed and struggle walking to the bathroom because your legs haven't got the idea it's time to get up. You wonder why you put yourself in the kind of shape that you did. This is called the after life of a NFL football player. Some people don't realize what a Professional athlete has put their body through just to be at the place they are now. It's not cut out for everyone by no means. Every college football player dreams of making it big time. I play college football and it has always been my dream. The only question that I just keep coming back to is can my body handle it. I want to be able to go outside and play catch with my kids one day. I want to be the dad who runs around with them. I don't want to be the dad who needs a cane to get outside. I hope to get the opportunity to play in the NFL one day, because if I do I won't stay for ten years. I will stay the contract length and get out.


Everyone says that everything happens for a reason in the world today. I think this statement is about as true as it gets in the world today. Who would think that Bobby Bowden's seminoles would have beaten the undefeated Boston College Eagles to set the Clemson Tigers up to compete for the ACC championship. People will say that Clemson will only win eight games every year. It's kind of like the curse of the bambino. It seems every year Clemson just gets stuck with eight games and a decent bowl game. Every year after the 1980's it seems that things just don't fall in place. Clemson just cracks when things get heated and the money has to be made. Clemson has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to step up and take hold of an opportunity. If Clemson beats Wake Forest and then Boston College, it will be Clemson's chance to win the ACC for the first time since 1991. Will Clemson make hay while the sunshines or go down being another eight win team? Only time will tell for the tigers.